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The long-lasting healing powers of traditional medicine have been hailed across the globe, across the ages. However, as the pace and landscape of the world changes, it is not as easy as it once was to procure natural ingredients for medicinal purposes.


This was an issue that Synthite recognized. We hit upon a plan that combined tradition with technology to develop a wide range of health and functional food ingredients. We then combined these ingredients with scientific experience and knowledge of botanicals. The result is a range of offerings known as NatXtra.


Natxtra is the best of old and new world medicine. The process involves granulating and encapsulating natural ingredients like Ginger, Lutein, Piperine, Curcumin and Green Tea. All of which are widely popular for their health benefits and medicinal strengths.


With Natxtra, we’ve combined natural ingredients, age old traditions and high-tech processes, to make immaculate health an everyday possibility.

    The world's largest producer of value added spices.