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CPhI India 2017 - New Functional Ingredients from Synthite at Stall number B77


It’s an open secret in the food processing industry that the Consumer demands more transparency in ingredients used in processed foods. Consumers have a growing preference for relatively simpler functional ingredients from nature. Natural colours and natural antioxidants were the first steps in the change over. Plant derived allergen-free-proteins and Omega fatty acids are gaining more acceptance as clean label products.


Keeping pace with these trends, Synthite now offers natural Ingredients that can help in replacing, replicating or improving the existing functional Ingredients. Vegetable Proteins, Vegetable Omega fatty acids, E Number Free Paprika are some of the latest offerings. Synthite is a veteran in offering natural functional ingredients. Inspired by Ayurveda, Synthite has been offering a range of traditional Indian herbs and spice extracts for neutraceutical applications.


Synthite’s strength in phytochemicals can be gauged from the fact that it produces the largest volume of curcumin 95% in the World. Other fast moving phytochemicals from Synthite’s portfolio are Piperine 95%, Capsaicin 95%, Thymol crystals, Caffeine 95% to name a few. You can check our range of phytochemicals available and end applications as per Ayurveda and published literature.(click here).


Dive in for a cleaner ingredient label and enhanced acceptance by consumers.

    The world's largest producer of value added spices.