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Chai pe charcha - Synthite ke saath at Fi India 2017



Due to prevalence of double income nuclear families & inherent time constraints, time poverty is seen across the urban and semi urban populace. Trends of replacing meals with snacking on the go, increase in consumption of ready to cook meals or of eating out & ordering in is seen across India. Catering to this demand is a wave of new brands in ready to cook range and restaurant chains that are spreading. The food processors have to step up and offer substitutes to traditional foods or bring exotic foods to Indian cuisine. The manufacturers need the best ingredients that can meet the challenge of shelf life stability considering the tropical climate and navigate the Indian logistical pitfalls.


The Consumer at the same time is looking for a natural product with the aroma of freshly served meals or recreate “home cooking”. The meal options available are unlimited and correspondingly the latent demand is diverse. We at Synthite understand that the only constant in time is Change itself & invest heavily in deciphering the consumer preferences. We have been partnering with the food processors in customizing its offerings to meet these new challenges.


Clean label, Value for Money, Controlled release, engineered spice, Replacers for Synthetics are some of the specific briefs that we work with them. We will love to discuss these concepts in detail with you at our stall over a cup of tea. It’s a promise that we will make it worth your time.!

    The world's largest producer of value added spices.