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Synthite is exhibiting at the 18th Malaysian International Food and Beverage Trade Fair 2017 (MIFB 2017)


Traditional Malaysian cuisine has always paid attention to enhancing its cuisine using very special ingredients. To cite a few examples – the use of Butter pea flowers to impart the vibrant blue color in the recipe of ‘Nasi Kerabu’ or using the fragrant Pandan leaves for its heady aroma in the Nasi Lemak – the official ’national dish’ & in other regional curries and desserts.


Living in a time-pressed society, the Consumer is now letting of some of the niceties associated with these traditional flavors & replacing them with some with quick-fix meals. While this is helping the thriving street food industry, the processed food industry has found some of the traditional ingredients are not easy to replicate in the industry.


Synthite – with its range of spices & herbs are able to help recreate the magic of these traditional ingredients. While an oleoresin offers consistent quality for large batches – the possibilities of offering an “engineered” spice – helps to offer a consistent end product for the food processor.


Synthite is showcasing its range of natural extracts at the 18th Malaysian International Food and Beverage Trade Fair 2017. A brief list of special ingredients on offer are Butterfly pea extract, dehydrated Pandan leaves, Roasted Onion extracts, Fried Onion extracts, Roasted Garlic extracts, Green Garlic extracts, Natural Antioxidants to name a few.


Synthite invites you to visit us at our stall D163-164 in General F&B Hall 3 to smell & taste some of the new products on offer.

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