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In the past, herbal medicine was considered to be an alternative form of therapy. Recently though, its usage has witnessed an upsurge with changing health perceptions.


Today, herbal extracts are undergoing a multitude of clinical studies, and their possible applications in the pharmaceutical industry are being investigated. Due to this, botanical extracts have become a credible source of healing among consumers, globally.


As herbal medicine gets ready to go mainstream, we at Synthite aid this process by offering a list of active pharmaceutical ingredients that have been extracted from natural products.


With our state-of-the-art extraction facility that operates under GMP norms, our herbal extracts comply with stringent quality norms. Our delicate extraction and processing methodology allows us to retain the vitality of the herbs during manufacturing and blending.


We also have interdisciplinary experts that include pharmacists, research analysts, botanists and phytochemists who work closely with our clients to deliver break-through products and applications in a cost-effective manner. The attempt is to offer the user one of the best traits of nature - its power of healing.

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