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Fi Europe 2017 - 100% Natural Ingredients from Synthite at Stall number 09.OC21



Europe’s Food ingredients market has always been at the forefront of being more “Natural”. Synthite’s offerings of oleoresins and essential oils have found solutions that replicate Nature. The range of spices and herbs extracted and standardized in this manner is a reaffirmation of Synthite’s technical strengths. Additionally, Synthite improves the natural solutions by using superior technology to selectively improve ingredients and offer a final solution suitable for diverse end applications.


Products like Synthite “Straights” don’t use any chemicals in extraction and can be labelled under the Colouring foodstuff nomenclature. Synthite’s products have been customized like its Natural colour blends that are stabilized to meet end applications. Neaox is the range of natural antioxidants that are 100% natural replacers for synthetic replacers.


We are showcasing our range of products at FI Europe & NI 2017 at stall number 09.OC21 in hall number 9. Please feel free to walk in and see these products first hand. If you have a specific time and date in mind, please advise us so that we can block our calendar to meet you at the venue.

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