Meet us at Iran Food Ingredients 2017

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Meet us at Iran Food Ingredients 2017

Iranian cuisine, also known as the Persian cuisine has been widely accepted ranging from the Russian extended to the Greek throughout the Central Asia. With the second largest population in the Middle east, Iran plays a major role due to the geostrategic importance because of its central position in Eurasia.


As per ILIA Corporation, around $2 billion is annually spent on fast food which has increased to 120% as compared to 2011 and according to official statistics; around $ 6.3 billion been spent on outside restaurants and hotels. The Iran food industry is specific due to the absence of large international food chains and the enormous number and the fast growth of regional fast food establishments has made Iran an attractive place for the food ingredient manufacturers all around the world.


Synthite as always has been pioneers in spotting potential markets and right now we have reached Tehran, at the Iran Food Ingredients 2017.

    The world's largest producer of value added spices.