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Supercritical CO2 Extraction



We may not know about it, but Supercritical Fluid Extracts are a ubiquitous part of our lives. Most of us have visited coffee shops, enjoyed take-away from fast food joints or followed a beauty routine involving cosmetics. It is through these everyday habits that these extracts have entered our lives. Supercritical Fluid Extracts (SCFE) have been hailed as the purest form of plant solvents, and extraction using carbon dioxide has been deemed the most efficient technology for obtaining these extracts.



The Supercritical Extraction process delivers a superior extract that is pure and does not rely on industrial solvents. Instead, the process involves pumping high pressure natural CO2 into plant matter. The pressurised 'supercritical' CO2 separates the pure plant essence from the rest of the plant matrix, leaving only a clear aromatic extract or SCFE. Apart from being the gentlest method of extracting flavour and aromatic characteristics from sensitive feedstock, it is also a green technology that relies on benign solvents.


In the Spice Industry, Synthite is the pioneer of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction. At Synthite, we use Supercritical Fluid Extracts (SCFE) to produce plant extracts which replicate spice characteristics while causing negligible thermal impact.


We offer a range of multifunctional SCFE of the highest quality that are used in Aroma Recovery, Colour Boosting, Pesticide Removal and highly selective extractions. We have been using Supercritical CO2 Extraction since 2007 and have constantly improvised on it to provide value addition to our clients. Our astute understanding of the technology translates into faster delivery and customised products, making it a cost effective and result oriented choice for our clients.


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