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Liquid seasonings



We live in a world of culinary delights. Today, a perfect dish is not complete without the right kind of accompaniments. Many will agree that a meal can leave one unsatisfied if you leave out the essential sauces.



Sauces, dips and pastes occupy more than a ‘happy place’ on our plates today. These liquid seasonings have been blazing their own trail when it comes to food preferences. What makes a salad great or a burger delicious can often be traced back to its sauces.


It is the well-rounded wholesome flavour of the ingredients that make these sauces and pastes delectable. They tend to amplify the sensory experience and help make the meal flawless.


At Synthite, we make healthy and tasty sauces and pastes with our range of natural extracts and seasonings.


Our liquid seasonings for pastes, ketchups and other sauces help standardize and expand the complete flavour spectrum of their ingredients. From enhancing colour to replicating complex flavour profiles, our liquid seasonings are used in diverse food applications.


Extracted and formulated at our state-of-the-art facilities, they consistently deliver fresh aroma and impactful flavour. At Synthite, we believe a dash of sauce or a dollop of paste can make a big difference to taste!


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Garlic paste
Red chilli paste
Capsicum paste
Mustard paste



Sausage mixes:


Chicken Sausage blend
Pork Sausage blend
Frankfurter mix
Sausage mix

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