Thin Film Technology - Centritherm®

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Thin Film Technology - Centritherm®


Aromas, tastes and flavours are delicate sensory experiences. At Synthite, we employ precision technology to get the best out of nature in the form of oleoresins and plant extracts. Critical technological investments, constant innovations and research have been the cornerstone of our success. The Centritherm® evaporator is a case in point.


Along with other advanced technologies like Supercritical CO2 extraction and the SCC, the Centritherm® enhances the product characteristics of extracts. Many natural products are heat sensitive and undergo severe deterioration of colour, aroma and flavor due to prolonged exposure to heat. To combat this, the Centritherm® evaporator allows for just 'one second heat contact' time.


This effective evaporation technology is highly useful in extraction for fruit juices, vegetable concentrates etc. for successfully recovering better aroma profile, stability, high active substance in materials. The Centritherm® one of the most cost effective and efficient technological systems to be used in the food and beverage industry. The successful deployment of this path breaking technology has resulted in better profits for our clients and better relationships for us.

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