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Spinning Cone Column


When Synthite ventured into uncharted waters with the Oleoresins business over four decades ago, there were two things that guided us. The first was the foreknowledge that a spice haven like Kerala had the potential and the opportunity to groom a successful Oleoresins company. The other was a belief in the revolutionary powers of technology.

The SCC is a unique Thin Film Distillation system that is used for aroma recovery, flavour extraction, alcohol management in alcoholic beverages and essential oil extraction. Unlike traditional steam distillation columns, the SCC can operate efficiently at low temperatures. It also features a very low hold up volume as well as short residence time - all of which help to avoid thermal degradation of the flavours recovered or the ingredients processed. The versatility of SCC makes it a great tool for developing new products with premium flavour profiles, allowing Synthite to explore and expand operations into new areas of flavouring.

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