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Green Spice Extracts

Green Spice Extracts

Buccaneers and merchants, traders and voyagers, they have all scoured the seven seas drawn by the lure of spices. Spice trade has shaped the history of many nations, least of which is India. Spices have played a central role in our lives, and more importantly in our food. Every spice has a unique taste and aroma that gives food the flavour it deserves. Rich in antioxidants and alluring tastes, spices are the ‘secret ingredient’ every good dish boasts of.


We make an effort to carefully select and source only the finest quality of fresh green spices. With our refined processes and modern equipment, we have been able to extract the delicate flavour of these spices while preserving its freshness.



Our Green Spice Extracts are popular around the world in savoury cooking applications like pickling, seasonings and sauces.



Our Range:
Green Chilly
Coriander leaf
Curry leaf


    The world's largest producer of value added spices.