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Scents and aromas have a strange power over us. From the fragrance of a scented candle that can transform the mood of a room, to the whiff of cologne that can drive you to distraction, perfumes are a pleasure we all indulge in. The ancient art of perfumery has come a long way in creating new fragrances. But the fact still remains that the best scents originate in nature – and the essence of these smells can be captured in the form of Resinoids.


Resinoids are sticky gum exudates from plants. Synthite extracts refined exudates from the Indian Olibanum and Guggul to produce lighter, non-sticky, and free flowing resinoids that retain their fragrant components and essential oils. Our high quality resinoids are renowned for their purity and are widely used in perfumery and aromatherapy.


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