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Roasted & Fried Flavours

Roasted & Fried Flavours


What makes a dish delectable is universally defined by one thing: flavour. A great recipe is one that brings out different layers of intense flavours. From carefully selected ingredients to unique culinary techniques, a perfect recipe is one with depth and intensity.


Speaking of culinary techniques, the two most popular methods of cooking jump to mind: roasting and frying. Roasting brings to mind carefully and slowly cooked spices or meat. Frying, on the other hand, is reminiscent of abundance in terms of flavour density.

At Synthite, we help capture and emulate these distinctive flavour notes. We have an unparalleled understanding of how heat, smoke and oil affect the unique flavour components of food. And we provide a variety of extracts for the food, bakery and confectionary industries.


Using supercritical extraction and solvent technology, our skilled flavour experts help create strikingly authentic flavour profiles. These profiles have been inspired by culinary methods from around the world.


We also develop and standardize custom signature flavour profiles that are in sync with changing industrial trends. At Synthite, we pride ourselves in being the flavour of the season, every season!



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