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Think of the juicy red colour of a Strawberry and your mouth waters, the bright yellow of a Lemon and you're refreshed, or the seductive brown of Chocolate and you want to give in. While taste and aroma of food will always decide what we like or don’t like, most chefs agree that we first eat with our eyes. How food looks is as important as how it's cooked. That's where food colour comes in.


At Synthite, we have a spectrum of food colours. We have not only borrowed the colours of nature but also from nature. Our food colours are natural botanical ingredients. There is not a trace of any artificial additive. In fact, our food colours have beneficial features that they not only enrich your food but also builds your health.



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List of colours that we provide:











The global beverage


Ice cream and

Prepared food industries.



Our range includes:


Oil soluble and water soluble colours
Extra light stable colours
Extra light and heat stable colours
Paprika with high absorbance ratio for feed applications
Deodorised Paprika

Supercritical CO2 extracted /Solvent free Paprika

Paprika colour range from 20,000 c.u. to 140,000 c.u.

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