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Dried Fruit Extracts

Dried Fruit Extracts


If there is one thing dry fruits give you, it's instant gratification. Dry fruits have seen us through hunger pangs, diet fads and an assortment of savoury eating experiences. Their crunchy texture and subtle smoky aroma has made them a popular treat across the world. Flush with flavour and rich with nutrition, the nutty, sweet taste of dry fruits can bring alive any recipe, making them an essential ingredient in the food industry.

We have sourced and dried the best fresh fruits, chosen for their aromatic goodness and ripe flavour. Our technical knowledge and expertise in the natural products category helps us capture the versatile extracts of these dry fruits. With the precise flavour profile of dry fruits, these extracts can flavour beverages, confectionary, bakery and other food products without leaving any fruit residue. Known for their subtle flavour and nutritional value, our extracts are used by the best food and beverage companies in the world.



Synthite’s premium dried fruit extracts can be used for flavouring and nutrition in the food and beverage, confectionary, bakery, pharmacy and health industry.



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At Synthite, our ready-to-incorporate dry fruit extract represent the essence of the original fruit:



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