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Lutein and Marigold

 Lutein and Marigold



For some time now, Lutein and its esters have grabbed a lot of attention as colouring pigments, the world over.


This in turn has triggered the interest of product developers. Because, Lutein and its esters offer better stability towards light and also offer a wide range of colour hues from sunny yellow to sunset orange.


The pigment finds its application in a variety of fields, including dairy, beverages, animal feed and the confectionery segment.

Synthite offers deodorised Marigold Oleoresin, Lutein, which complies with EU regulation 231/2012. Its content of total colouring matter is not less than 4%; calculated as Lutein.


At Synthite, we always look for ways to better serve our clients, and with Lutein we’ve achieved just that.





Besides its widespread application as a natural colouring agent, Lutein and Marigold extracts have been used in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and in the pet food industry for animal and fish feed.



Lutein Range:


Lutein 75% crystalline/ Pure Lutein
Lutein Powder
Lutein oil soluble



Ester Range:


Lutein ester 60%
Lutein ester Powder
Lutein ester oil soluble



Marigold Oleoresin Range:


Marigold Oleoresin

Deodourized Marigold Oleoresin oil
Deodourized Marigold Oleoresin w/s


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