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Natural Antioxidants Large"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, said Hippocrates over a thousand years ago. This holds true even today. Our senses respond to the look, feel and flavour of our food. We instinctively know what is good for us and what could be harmful. Discolouration and rancidity of food are the first signs of oxidation, which is the degeneration of food due to the exposure of food chemicals to oxygen. The damage that starts with the look and feel of the food will ultimately result in loss of nutrition.


Oxidation of food can be combated by antioxidants. They arrest degradation and help preserve the original flavour, texture and wholesome goodness of our food. Synthite’s affinity to nature has led us to develop natural antioxidants that help extend the shelf life of food. Choose from our range of natural antioxidants that preserve the aroma, flavour and quality of your food.



Our range of natural antioxidants is used as a preservative and quality enhancer in ready to serve foods, pharmaceuticals and beverages.

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