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Cold Crafted Products

Cold Crafted Products

Pantry foods are a delight for everyone. But what makes them so popular are the specific notes and aromas that help create a rich bouquet of flavours, and add a culinary twist to a variety of pantry items.


Vanilla makes for one such tempting indulgence. Its sweet and woody notes and its unmistakable aroma, lend intensity and flavor to any sweet dish.


Although, pure vanilla extracts are a rarity. This is because it is difficult to retain all their authentic flavor components that are inherent in the bean. This means that extraction is a critical part of the process that determines the end product’s quality.


Synthite uses a customary cold extraction process to produce spice extracts of unmatched quality. We offer a variety of processes as per client specification. We can provide Centritherm®, SCC, and CO2 products, as required.


Moreover, our spices are subject to extremely low temperatures (up to -100°C) carefully eliminating heat and pressure from all stages of extraction. This, in turn preserves the delicate flavor notes which are severely sensitive to heat.


It may be a prolonged exercise as compared to other forms of extraction but it results in superior products. And at Synthite, we believe in quality above all else!



Our Range:

Cryo- ground Vanilla
Cryo-ground Cinnamon
Cryo-ground Cardamom


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