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Tourists throng Machu Picchu, a magnificent historical site in Peru all year long. Visitors walk among the ruins, admiring the view and taking in history as they munch on snacks and sandwiches. What they do not know is that the secret method of preserving the freshness of food over long periods of time was once known only to the ancient dwellers of this site.


The ancient Peruvian Incas preserved their foods in the high altitude regions of the Machu Picchu. The low mountain temperatures and even lower pressure helped vaporise the moisture content in the food. Food thus dried, lasted for months on end without any bacterial contamination.


Down the ages the same principle has been adapted into various appliances and technology. An innovative method known as Freeze Drying is used to process and preserve a whole range of food products. It dries out almost 98% of the water content while retaining the freshness, colour and aroma of the products.


Synthite uses Freeze Drying technology to deliver application specific products to our clients around the world. With an enhanced shelf life, organic compliance, and a clean label (no-additives or preservatives) our products not only look and taste fresh, they also help reduce transportation costs, because they weigh up to 90% lesser.

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