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Today’s consumer has many choices. However, the predominant trend in the consumer food segment has been that of consumers switching to healthier foods. A consumer views a food item as healthy when it has a clean label, contains no chemicals, and uses natural ingredients.


A leading food manufacturer found that over 75% consumers look for healthy natural ingredients. The challenge for the food manufacturer is that on the one hand regulations mandate ingredient disclosures, while on the other consumers prefer clean labels on their food. The Straights are our answer to this multidimensional challenge that food formulators and manufacturers face.


Straight extracts or Straights are a class of 100% Natural non-selective, mechanically processed spices. These spice extracts impart true natural colour, flavour and aroma. Thus, they are perfect for clean label foods.



Straights place the goodness of minimally processed artisan ingredients in the hands of the Formulator and Food Manufacturer. When you create your next line of seasonings, soups, chorizos, pepperonis, sauces salads, bakes, goulashes, curries, salsa’s and stews, our straight extracts will add that perfect natural flavour and colour making your products the choice of the consumer.


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