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Colour is an important part of the eating experience. From the deep red of jelly to the bright orange of egg yolk and the sinful brown of chocolate, food colour invites you to eat and promise a great experience. But while synthetic dyes in food may look pleasing to the eyes, they can be harmful for the body.


The safety of food products containing artificial dyes has been a rising concern across the globe. Which is why, Synthite recognised the need to tap into colours derived from nature.


We offer a range of natural colour solutions through NECOL. By sourcing the finest raw materials, carefully chosen for their farm level traceability and health benefits, NECOL’s range of food colours are made with only natural ingredients. NECOL colours are specially customised and standardised for application in Beverage, Dairy, Confectionary and Savoury industries. Moreover, Synthite’s shades comply with GRAS and are approved food additives.



Oil soluble and water soluble colours

Extra light stable colours

Extra light and heat stable colours

Paprika with high absorbance ratio for feed applications

Deodorised Paprika

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