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The antioxidant story has been told and retold around the world. That they are good, they have curative and regenerative properties, they boost immunity and help in protecting and repairing cells damage caused by free radicals are well known.


What is not so well known is that some foods are high in antioxidants while others are not. So consumers do not get to enjoy their benefits at all times. This is where Synthite’s Neaox comes in.


Neaox is a natural and effective antioxidant that provides application specific solutions by considering the factors responsible for oxidative degradation of food. Our natural antioxidants blend with higher efficacy and inhibit free radical auto-oxidation. This is because our product development team focuses on the chemistry and mechanism behind auto-oxidation and pro-oxidant effects. And this helps in providing the perfect application-based solution to keep food fresher and healthier for longer periods of time.


Neaox is developed from Rosemary and is blended with other functional ingredients that can provide synergic effects. And this mix has many advantages. Neaox is natural and has no impact on flavour. It is available in both water and oil soluble versions and increases shelf life of a product by a substantial margin. Moreover, Neaox is formulated to ensure consistency even at lower concentrations.

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