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Straights for Flavours




 100% Natural - No chemicals used in the extraction process.


Our Straights are free from

     • Artificial Flavor

     • Added colour

     • Synthetic Substances


 Rich flavour and aroma – The Result of Cold Extraction

All the volatile compounds present in the chilli’ are captured resulting in an amazing flavour and aroma, which are unmatched by other conventional processes


 Cost Effective Colouring:


Colouring Food Stuff: As oil soluble natural colorants created using a non-selective mechanical extraction process, Straights can be classified as colouring food stuff.






Paprika is more than a sprinkling of colour on top of a salad or devilled eggs. Our Paprika Straight has the full flavour of the chilli’s they were created from. The rich sweet fruity notes of ripe king pods, the full pepper flavour without the heat, and the deep red colour of paprika combine synergistically to create culinary art. Be it Hungarian, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Romanian or Moroccan dishes, the paprika Straight is the innovators choice.





Our hot Jalapeno Straights resonate with the flavours of Central America. Filled with the pungent greens that tickle the palette, these flavours are extremely popular in North America and emerging markets. They are reminiscent of the hot chilli of your favourite Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine, hence making them the chef's choice.




Green Chili Straights are natural flavor extracts that impart the full taste sensation of the chilies to your plate. Our minimally processed, natural, green chili extracts will infuse your product with the fresh flavor and aroma of the spice, thus creating a truly unique and multi-dimensional flavor experience for your consumers. This flavor profile is perfect for products such as Blended spices, Curries, Sauces, Seasonings, Ready-to-Eat dishes, Dips, Pickles and Culinary pastes.

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