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Floral Extracts

Floral Extracts

Every aspect of nature is beautiful. But the variety of fragrances that it has to offer, are truly one of the best gifts nature has bestowed upon us. Fragrances have been known to affect us in many ways. They evoke memories, trigger emotions and linger in our thoughts for a long time.


Most of the natural fragrances that we identify with come from flowers. Be it the subtle smell of Jasmine or the inviting fragrance of Tuberose, our olfactory senses are designed to give in to its beauty.


At Synthite, our team of floral and fragrance experts, work towards capturing and retaining these delicate aromas found in floral extracts.


Strikingly authentic, the floral extracts are created to stimulate the senses and create a multi-layered olfactory experience. Enchanting, enticing or sensual, our range of floral extracts can be customized as per client specifications. After all, a natural fragrance is a gift that keeps giving!


Our aromatic floral extracts are popularly used in perfumery, aromatherapy and personal care products.


Our Range:

Jasmine absolute

Jasmine concrete 

Jasmine grandiflorum

Jasmine sambac


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