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Natural Fragrance Ingredients


Our nature is our essence. And our history is a long journey that dates backs to decades of unanimous efforts and unwavering dedication. Tracking back to the inception in 1972, when the sole nature of world’s most precious fragrances beguiled us, we set off with our passion to create a broad range of reliable ingredients and solutions to cater to the world’s increasing demand of ‘The True Essence’. With more than 45 years of experience, Synthite has built it’s world leadership on the extraction of the marvelous Spices of India and of Tropical countries with a “palette” of more than 100 purely natural products destined to the world of perfumes, cosmetics and wellbeing. Having been the pioneer of the Indian Jasmine extraction, Synthite has expanded its activity with a fully dedicated Perfumery Natural Ingredient Division, which brings you an array of Floral Extracts and classical spice Essential oils along with Elegant New products powered by innovative technologies.

In addition to the classical steam distillation, Synthite also engages, specialized technologies including Supercritical CO2 Extraction and In-house soft distillation process to obtain superior products with minimal thermal impact.

Integrated backwards, supporting the cultivation of the raw materials right from its indigenous areas in the Indian subcontinent, Synthite extends the control over the quality of the raw materials to maintain complete traceability. Each product is controlled in our laboratory, which guarantees its analytical integrity and its compliance with applicable regulations.

We aim to become a trusted partner of choice to the finest perfume creators with our exceptional ingredients!


Our Product Selections




  Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute
  Jasmine Grandiflorum Concrete
  Jasmine Sambac Absolute
  Jasmine Sambac Concrete
  Mimosa Absolute
  Mimosa Concrete
  Tuberose Absolute
  Tuberose Concrete




Essential Oils

  Black Pepper EO
  Black Pepper EO- A grade
  Black Pepper EO Madagascar
  Cardamom EO Sp
  Cedar Wood EO
  Celery Seed EO Sp
  Cinnamon Leaf EO
  Citronella EO
  Clove Bud EO
  Davana EO
  Ginger EO - Rajkumari
  Gingergrass EO

  Lemongrass EO Ss
  Murraya EO
  Palmarosa EO
  Cinnamon Bark EO
  Thyme EO
  Vetiver EO
  Spearmint EO
  Ajowan EO
  Juniper Berry EO
  Patchouli EO
  Mace EO
  Olibanum EO



SCFE Extracts & Spice Absolutes

  Black Pepper Oil SCFE
  Black Pepper Oil SCFE-Indo
  Turmeric Oil-SCFE
  Vanilla SCFE– Top Note
  Vanilla Absolute
  Decalypus Absolute
  Nutmeg Absolute
  Clove Absolute
  Cardamom Absolute
  Piper Longum Absolute




Fresh Tek Essential Oils

  Lime Oil Fresh-Tek
  Fresh Turmeric Oil Fresh-Tek
  Green Ginger Fresh Tek




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