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The demand for products such as eggs, meat and milk is growing by the day. Adapting the practice of optimal husbandry is the only way to meet this demand. And to produce quality products, animals require high quality feed. However, many nations across the globe restrict the use of medically important antibiotics in the feed. Thus, there is an immediate need for natural alternatives. Feed additives which are created entirely using plant extracts help fulfill this need, as they are natural and hence deemed safe.


Plant extracts are used in animal nutrition for various reasons, such as:


  •   Appetite and digestion stimulants
  •   Stimulants of physiological functions
  •   Prevention and treatment of certain pathological conditions
  •   Colorants and antioxidants



A healthy chicken gives a healthy egg. And a healthy egg means a happy consumer. Keeping this in mind, Synthite had developed four unique additives:



Natural Growth Promoters

Egg Pigmentation

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