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One of the smaller joys of life is sending your compliments to the chef after a good meal. This happens when the visual and appetite appeal of food is just right. From fast food to gourmet preparations to good old home food, the right blend of spices and flavours gives any cuisine its reputation.


At Synthite, we have the technology to retain the distinct flavour profiles and colour characteristics of spices and herbs so that when an ingredient becomes a dish, the taste, smell and colours are not compromised.

We extract essential oils and flavour profiles for virtually all spices and herbs and ensure that their unique characteristics are well represented in the final dish. Our sensory panel and flavour chemists then work in tandem to refine the final product. All because we believe quality seasoning is an important ingredient for quality cuisine.


Our Range

Synthite’s culinary range has been designed to replicate the delicate flavours representing a variety of culinary techniques.



Curry blends:


Tea masala blend

Curry blend (sausage blend frankfurters)
Chilly - coriander top note
Curry blend chicken flavour booster
Curry blend - buttermilk blend
Fried chicken masala
Curry blend chat masala flavour booster
Curry blend - paneer butter masala
Onion garlic blend
Curry blend garam masala
Curry blend - paneer manchurian
Sabji masala
South Indian Chutney tempering
 Curry blend - sambar booster
 Ketchup blend
 Ketchup blend with onion & garlic
 Curry blend - chole masala
 Badam milk blend
 Curry blend tomato tempering
 Curry blend - fish masala
 Peppergarlic blend
 Curry blend salsa flavor
Curry blend - egg curry masala
Noodle masala
Curry blend curry flavour for soup
Pickle masala
Rasam blend
Sambar seasoning without hing
Panipuri blend
Chettinad biriyani blend
Jaljeera blend
Mutton masala
North Indian pickle masala
North Indian garam masala
Biriyani masala blend
Maharashtra pickle flavour- lime
Grilled chicken booster
 Curry heart base
 Chilly spice oleoresin
 Ginger-garlic blend
 Curry powder blend
 Curry blend (sausage blend bologna)



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