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For centuries people have squeezed olives and ground nuts, crushed seeds and rendered fats in order to extract oils that are essential for everyday cooking. Oil transforms soft samosas into an irresistible golden brown colour, coaxes sautéed vegetables to gently release their flavour and exhorts fried chicken to become delightfully crisp.


However, in spite of oils and fats adding oodles to the taste, aroma and texture of food, this industry is facing challenges due to health issues. Consumers are demanding healthier options with standardized and stable use of oils in processed foods.


Rising to the challenge, Synthite caters to the complex processes of the Fats and Oils industry with a range of custom application specific solutions. Our range of natural emulsifiers and antioxidants improve the quality and performance of the products while increasing heat stability and shelf life. With the help of natural colour extracts we improve the uniformity and aesthetic appeal of the products without compromising on the taste characteristics.


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