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It is a well-known fact that fragrances have the amazing ability to evoke an emotional response. They can communicate with our sense of memory and feeling. From the alluring fragrance of a daisy, to the refreshing fragrance of coffee, our sense of smell alone can create a wonderful feeling within us.

At Synthite, we understand fragrance. Be it pleasant or delicate or strong in nature, we know the power of scents that stimulate our senses.

And to do justice to these magnificent smells, we have dedicated a fragrance division for its research and study. This division aims to understand the molecular structure of floral extracts and combine it with sensory psychology to create distinctive products. Creating uplifting fragrances is a fine craft and we strive to innovate further, to create better sensory experiences.

From floral concentrates to absolutes of Jasmine, Tuberose & Mimosa, we have a range of olfactory delights for the fragrance industry. In fact we also produce a range of aromatic oils used for personal and healthcare products. At Synthite, the smell of nature is in the air, and it is heady!

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Floral extracts:


Other extracts:
Cardamom oil
Davana oil
Laurel oil
Mint oil
Patchouli oil
Rosemary oil
Vertivert oil
Cinnamon leaf oil
Olibanum resinoids
Guggul resinoids
Myrrh resinoids

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