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Speciality Ingredients

Speciality Ingredients

 The quest for exotic botanical ingredients is one that has stood the test of time. These exotic ingredients are sought after due to the miraculous effect they can have on our skin and hair.

Across civilizations, botanical ingredients have been used to make natural beauty treatments. For long the cosmetic industry has been invaded with special ingredients that offer results that were previously considered unachievable. Anti-ageing products are a case in point.

The consumer is more experimental today and has more faith in the power of natural extracts. This emerging trend offers tremendous potential for cosmetic manufacturers.
Synthite has a few handpicked botanical active ingredients which have proved to be beneficial for skin and hair.

This has benefitted our clients who incorporate these botanical extracts to fortify their existing products to develop therapeutic/cosmetics products that are safe, healthy and reliable. At Synthite we believe there is beauty in nature; all it takes is the use of the right technology to isolate it.


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