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There is an old saying - give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for life. There must be a reason why seafood is one of the most romanticized of all the food we consume. It's got to do with taste, flavour, texture, and in today's age, health.


The fact that seafood is a valued source of protein is common knowledge. This awareness has lead to its increased demand. But, globally changing health trends and increasingly strict government mandates have altered the way people consume seafood.


Today, there are quite a few countries that cater to this consumer demand by offering produce that promise specific character benefits. This is something their clientele is keen on. From the protein rich salmon to the taut, delicate shrimp, the global seafood industry believes in highlighting these specific benefits.


Synthite understands the seafood market and steps in with a broad range of naturally occurring antioxidants and colours for product specific applications. This helps the Aquaculture industry and defines its quality norms in a big way. By leveraging our expertise in natural extracts and flavorings, we help enhance the characteristics of sea food to ensure compliance with global export norms and health-benefits to all our end consumers. Suffice to say, that at Synthite, we provide consumers with a sea of benefits!

    The world's largest producer of value added spices.