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In a changing world, the concept of pet ownership has seen a metamorphosis. No longer is the master-slave relationship relevant. Today, a pet is seen as a family member with its unique needs and demands. This shift is seen due to the universal consensus that pets deserve their due.


This positive attitude then lends itself to affect consumer demands as well. Pet owners today require pet foods with ‘cleaner’ labels. Pet parents demand transparency in the manufacturing processes of these foods and emphasize on natural, nutritional products that are healthier for the animal and better to taste. Such demands have seen an exponential rise in recent times.


At Synthite, we stretch the boundaries of our technological expertise to develop unique and effective pet products for our clients. We have an unrivaled understanding of the flavour characteristics and nutritional benefits of natural molecules in bio-ingredients.


By applying this knowledge to pet food applications, Synthite helps create healthy and nutritious pet food products that are fortified with natural colours, additives and antioxidants. Our innovative solutions for pet food manufacturers include functional food for pets that offer added health benefits for a wholesome diet. After all, a healthy pet makes for a happy pet!

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