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Dairy Inputs

Dairy Inputs


Think dairy and the sanctity of its limited shelf-life jumps to mind! Not only is superior quality a prerequisite when it comes to dairy, its perishable nature also plays an important role.


It is then important to examine what makes dairy quality-efficient: The quality and the quantity of dairy produce are directly influenced by the quality of their cattle feed. Delivering the right nutrients at every stage of the life cycle of the cow ensures a healthy animal that produces wholesome milk.


Backed by our state-of-the-art research center and the persistent innovations of our NPD team, Synthite has identified natural antioxidants and bio-ingredients which, when incorporated into cattle feed, result in improved production and enhanced quality.


At Synthite, we have the technology and the capability to develop unique formulations for the cattle feed industry. In short, it means a contented cow, a happy owner and a smiling customer.

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